Monday, January 26, 2009


I have this desire to understand Republicans. I mean truly understand how they could stand behind George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain and Sarah Palin. I want to grasp at what they are gaining and who they are protecting by not allowing homosexuals the legal right to marry. I want to understand how these people gain ground. I don't get it. I really want to understand. I want a reason that is outside of the religion arguement. I want to hear something that goes beyond "Democrats are just wrong". I want a fully realized argument about why healthcare is not something provided to ALL American citizens. I don't get any of it and I would really like to. I haven't heard a valid argument for any of it. All I've ever heard is bashing. Granted that same bashing led me to vote for Arnold Schwartzenegger in the gubernatorial election over that ass hat Phil Angelides.

I'm not a fan of mud slinging or catch phrases. "Yes we can" is awesome; unless we don't. You can't say that or "maverick" repeatedly and possibly think you have an argument. You have to back up what you say.

I think ultimately what I want is someone to sit down with me and in the most non-partisan, unemotional way explain to me what the Republicans stand for besides religion, money and guns. When it comes down to it, I don't know a whole lot about them. They confuse me. I am not related to any Republicans (that I know of). I don't have any friends from whom I can gain insight. I don't want to argue about where Republicans and Democrats are right or vice versa. I want someone to educate me in a calm way. A way that is non-accusatory and non-threatening. I don't want to push back. I want to be able to sit still and listen politely and keep my big mouth shut when I don't agree. For this conversation should be held in the spirit of greater understanding with the ideal that from it both parties will have greater understanding of the other.

I once took a class called Jewish-Christian Relationship. Basically, what we discussed for one whole semester was the differences of the two religions. What we found is that they are more alike than they are different. I like to think of the various world religions as thus: taking different routes to get to the same place. So I feel like this same principle can be applied to politics. That we are all traveling this path towards a better country, a better world but taking different paths to get there. We may not always agree but our paths will cross and if those crossing can be as peaceful and easy as possible then maybe we'll get their a little faster.

Here's to a non-partisan America.

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