Monday, January 12, 2009

stupid shit that has been on my mind

  • I want to tell people about my blog but I don't want anyone to know about it. Figure that one out for me, will you?
  • I want a twitter but I don't think I'm very interesting. Or really interesting enough to have a twitter.
  • I don't think the Eagles are going to win on Sunday. That has been my attitude most of the season. I think it's helped them. I'm not saying that I think they will lose, I just don't they are going to win.
  • That being said: I really want to see the Eagles in the Super Bowl. It's Donovan's Time!
  • I wish I could make myself leave the house long enough and cute enough to meet someone interesting and make a friend. But I suck at making friends. That's why all the friends I do have are old friends or I met them through other people. The only friend I've made on my own crazy merrit is my best good one.
  • Shoes. Really that's all.
  • I should use the Wii Fit more but I'm lazy. That's a problem, huh?
  • I hope I find somewhere to have chili for super bowl. I think I found recipe that doesn't suck and that people will like. I've got a cupcake plan (brynne=dork!) and I'm ready. I just need a space. I wish I had my own personal bigger space but I don't.
  • This is really disjointed. I'm going to stop.
  • Have a loverly Monday.

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