Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday: A Follow-Up

So yesterday when I got home my apartment was a little chaotic. Here's what I walked into. I got into the courtyard and the front door was open (whatever, roommate was home). I walked into the apartment and his bed (read: twin mattress) is standing up and leaning against the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. I walk further into the apartment towards my room and am confronted with my roommate's girlfriend (whose name I still cannot pronounce) cleaning the bathroom. That's right folks, this woman (who does not live in or to my knowledge spend very much time in my apartment) was cleaning the bathroom. We only have one. It was weird. I had to pee, so I asked if I could get in the bathroom and the response was thus "Of course! You'll be happy it's clean!" Now I knew the bathroom was filthy. I gave up. My roommate is a man. He shaves and fails to rinse the sink on a damn near daily basis. It's one of the things I've chosen to over look since he does not require that I converse with him ever. So I pretty much went about my after work business. I did my Wii Fit time, made my dinner (Indian food and rice from Trader Joe's), watch Made of Honor again and chilled out.

Marisa, Caitlin and I (and David, hubster of Cailin) were supposed to get hookah last night but our hookah place (lovingly referred to as Little 909) was not open. So we decided to hit up Polly's, our favorite little coffee shop in Belmont Shore. Bah! Polly's now closes at 8pm and not 9pm like the did the first time we went there. So we sauntered (giggling) down to the nearest Starbuck's and grabbed a table to chit chat and drink coffee (soy hot cocoa, soy latte and soy chai) and eat my tempura(!). We had a grand ole time. Then she entered. Tweaked out. Crying. Screaming into a phone that was not hers. It was special.

Before we left the parking lot, David and I had the following exchange through our respective car windows:

David: (honks)
Brynne: (rolls down window) Yes?
David: Were you named after the sound that a lawn mower makes? You know BRRNNNNBRNNNBRNNNNBBBBRRRRNNNNN!!!!!!!
Brynne: (looking at David like crazy person that he is) Not at all.
Caitlin and Marisa: (laughing uncontrolably)
David: Are you sure?
Brynne: Yes.
David: Okay. Bye.
Brynne: Bye.

Then Marisa drove me home and we chatted about life and such.

All around good night. Plus I have a clean bathroom. We'll see how long that lasts...I think until the roommate shaves.

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