Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I'm feeling like talking about anything beyond the election is trite and unnecessary....BUT:

Last night I went to the Carrie Underwood concert at the Nokia Theather in Downtown Los Angeles with three of my best girlfriends, my best friend's mom, her daughter and her boyfriend. We had a great time. My friend's little one just turned 4 on Oct. 24 and she LOVE LOVE LOVES Carrie. She sang her little heart out until she passed out from exhaustion. One thing I noticed that has colored my opinion of Ms. Underwood was this video they showed about 1/3 of the way through the concert. The video showed her winning all the awards she's won, winning American Idol, and doing all of the good that she has done with her new found fame. The problem is this: I always thought that she was a humble, small-town girl because that is what they want you to believe. Her shameless "look at how great I am" video rubbed me the wrong way. I just feel like it was mostly unnecessary and self-gratifying. Is that going to make me stop listening to her? Probably not. I listen to lots of music by people that I wouldn't be friends with, so that's nothing new.

On the flip side in 8 days I'll be going to see the fabulous Mr. Ben Folds at the Wiltern Theater. I would totally be friends with Ben. He's super nice. When I met him in 2001 he was so nice and super nervous. He forgot the words to Brick at the meet and greet. We reminded him. He was pleased that people knew the words to his song better than him. When I saw him last summer at the Holly(weird) Bowl he got on top of the piano to play it. The man is awesome and I want to go get snacks with him and talk about dinosaurs. I'm excited.

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