Thursday, November 13, 2008


I got a call tonight around 10pm from a friend who I haven't hung out with in over a year. He was out with another friend of ours, who I have known for longer. I went because they both got on the phone and said that they wanted to see me and hang out. I went because I miss my boys. I miss the ease of hanging out with men. It's so signficantly different than hanging out with girls. Guys don't give in to nonsense. They just don't. Por exemplo:

My friend comes to me and says can I use your phone to call my girlfriend. I say yes with very little thought beyond "this is one of my oldest friends and he needs to use my phone". Well he gets in trouble with the girlfriend from calling from my phone. Apparently, he's betrayed her by hanging out with me. Which quite honestly crossed my mind before I left my apartment. I figured that it was fine. So, now he's in deep shit over some silliness.

I feel like I've done a significant amount of growing up in the past year and a few months. I just figured that everyone else who was around before that did the same. I guess I was wrong. I think that being 25 going on 26 I don't have the need to dwell in pettiness. No, I don't really care for this girl who is dating my friend but I don't think that's important. I think, if she is making him happy that's what's important. I've told him this on several occassions about girls he's dated. That's the philosophy I am currently trying to live by. Follow your bliss.

I'm trying to do that. I don't want someone to call me beautiful and thinks it's a done deal. It's not. I need more than that. I'm sorry. Call me picky or fickle or finicky. I don't really care; all apply.

Mostly, I'm upset that I got someone in trouble with someone else and I didn't mean it. I just heard "I need to use your phone" and didn't hesitate. That's the kind of person I am striving to be and for that I apologize.

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