Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bucket List

Visit ALL Pro-Football Arenas
Since deciding that I needed to take interest in a sport and my obsession with football developed I've been to three pro football games. This past fall I decided that I wanted to visit every pro football arena. I would also like to see every team play live (which of course means staying in New York for two weeks since the Giants and the Jets have the same stadium). I think my mom said it best at the Eagles v. 49ers game this past fall; "Football is so emotional. More emotional than any other sport."

Sell a photo
I don't know that I would want photography to be my main source of income. I feel like that would some how cheapen it for me. I would like to maybe get a photo into a gallery and have it sell. That would be enough for me.

Finally see The Wallflowers or Jakob Dylan
It's never worked out that I have been able to see The Wallflowers perform. 4 years ago they were in San Francisco the day I was getting back from Europe and the next night they were in LA when we were driving back to the bay area. Jakob Dylan was playing in San Francisco the night I was flying up. While I was in the air he was probably taking the stage. It may just not be meant to be.

Raise $25,000 or more for a charity
I don't know what the charity would be or how the fund raising would be achieved but I would like to spearhead something that moved people enough to open their wallets and give.

Bake a Wedding Cake
I just really want to say that I've done this. Who knows I may just make my own when the time comes.

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or maybe mine if the time ever comes!