Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is my cat. Her name is Star. She is approximately 13 years-old.About a week ago my mom took her to the vet to have two rotten teeth removed.

She didn't come out of the general anesthesia right away. She's coming around slowly.

My beautiful cat can't see. She can walk. She can eat. She can use the litter box. She is loud.

I had a dream last night that she was being as loud as she always is. Now, when I say she is loud, I mean it. I've been on the phone with people and they have asked what the ruckus is in the background. I usually respond, "Oh, that's Star. She needs my full attention."

Star is the best kind of cat. She's a cat's cat. She's aloof and only really likes my mom and me. She'll deal with other people but she likes it when it's just us.

She likes to sit where she can see the most activity. She generally hates when my mom and I are in the house at the same time but in different rooms. She can't monitor as well.

I really hope my little cat gets better.

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Ritz Control said...

i hope she gets better too! i love you!