Thursday, August 14, 2008


for the first time EVER in my life i was stood-up last night. he didn't call. i haven't heard from him since Tuesday. what a jackass. here's my list of possible rational explanations that caused him not to call:

1. he's an asshole who only wanted to get into my pants and upon discovering that, ha, that wasn't going to happen he decided i wasn't worth his time.

2. he's an asshole.

3. he went to the bathroom. dropped his cell in the toilet and couldn't call me because his phone is dead and he can't get a new one until the weekend. which of course begs "why not just send me a facebook message?" well he didn't because his Internet is down so he can only go online at work and work has been crazy crazy crazy. which leads to:

4. he's been soooo very busy with his crazy crazy crazy job that he can't get a moment to shoot me a text that says he's super busy and wasn't going to be able to make it.

5. he's an ASSHOLE.

i think the worst part is that i liked him. there was nothing really wrong with him that i couldn't deal with. he was great. oh well. maybe he'll show back up in my odd little life.

but I've sworn off dating. I'm DONE. so i guess if i hear from him I'm going to tell him that sure we can hang out but i am going to call him on his standing up of the Brynne.

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